mobiDEOS Strengthens Mobile Video Surveillance for the Tablet Market

Company launches new apps for Kindle Fire, Nook and iPad3 users as larger screens, higher resolutions bring new surveillance benefits to tablet users

Leading video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. is bringing its MobileCamViewer mobile surveillance application to new consumer tablet devices as the rising technology catches on with more users.

mobiDEOS was among the first companies to bring mobile surveillance to tablet users, launching MobileCamViewer for the iPad and Android tablets over the past several years.  The company is now among the first to offer the technology to the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet – bringing mobile surveillance technology to a quickly growing number of “budget tablet” users.

mobiDEOS also now offers MobileCamViewer to the New iPad (iPad3) for customers that want the improved processing and resolution over previous generation iPad tablets.   The new apps are available in the respective App Stores for each device.

“The number of global tablet shipments for the second quarter of 2012 is approximated at 25 million devices — an increase of about 66 percent from the same quarter in 2011 according to a recent IDC industry analyst report,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS.  “This growth correlates with the feedback we hear from our customers, who are increasingly using tablets to view their cameras, DVRs and NVRs from MobileCamViewer.  The benefits of larger screen sizes and better video quality are catching on, and it’s important that our customers have the option to use their preferred devices.”

MobileCamViewer offers mobile surveillance applications across most mobile consumer devices – most recently increasing its Tablet penetration via Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and iPad 3

Palasamudram estimates that between one-third and one-half of all MobileCamViewer customers now use the application on tablets, reinforcing the need to not limit users to certain devices.  The availability of MobileCamViewer on Kindle Fire, NOOK, iPad and Android tablets — with BlackBerry PlayBook to soon follow — essentially gives customers the freedom to access their fixed security components from their preferred tablets.  A homeowner who purchases the NOOK Tablet as an e-reader no longer has to buy a second higher-price tablet to remotely monitor cameras installed at his or her house, for example.

More importantly, the tablet gives customers a potentially higher quality option to remotely monitor activity in almost any situation, especially where there is a strong Wi-Fi connection.  The best parallel for using MobileCamViewer across various mobile and computing platforms is “Cellular: Wi-Fi: Ethernet :: Phone: Tablet: PC/Mac.”  Hence the well-defined space for the tablet in mobile surveillance, offering tremendous productivity for everything from personal to business and government usage.

“The tablet occupies that space where the user is mobile but not ‘on the move,’ where the smart phone and the convenience of 3G and 4G connectivity is still king,” he said.  “Many of our tablet users prefer these devices to the desktop or laptop even when in a fixed location, as they offer far quicker login times and tremendous ease of use.  This is especially important in situations where users need to make quick decisions in response to unusual activity or a security event.”

MobileCamViewer customers range from homeowners and property managers to business owners and law enforcement agencies.  Palasamudram adds that his company’s support for all these devices also helps manufacturers of IP security cameras, DVRs and NVRs that are concerned with keeping up with the variety of devices, and device versions, on the market.

“MobileCamViewer has the cloud-based technology at its backbone to support all of these tablets, which takes pressure off of hardware manufacturers when it comes to mobile surveillance,” said Palasamudram.  “The customers, manufacturers and integrators we work with today are less concerned about keeping up with the evolving nature of tablets and smart phones when it comes to mobile surveillance, as we seamlessly bridge the gap between hardware and the mobile device.  And we continue to explore more vendor relationships in the professional and residential security space to make that seamless connectivity a reality for more users.”

MobileCamViewer offers secure, reliable carrier-grade cell phone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions, providing “anytime, anywhere” mobile video surveillance for virtually every situation.  Its compatibility across many smart phones, tablets, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers — as well as simple integration with PC and MAC-based iOS systems — enables MobileCamViewer to comply with both new and existing network infrastructures.  The basic MobileCamViewer application is free, with incremental costs for premium service users.

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