TNDV Lands HD Sports Production Contract for High School Football Broadcasts in Tennessee

Mobile production company to shoot 11 games for Nashville MyTV affiliate’s “Thursday Night Lights” series

TNDV will bring its years of live HD production experience to the high school sports arena this fall, landing one of the first HD sports production contracts for high school football in the state of Tennessee.

The mobile production leader will drive its 40-foot “Inspiration” truck to 11 games this fall, traveling around the Middle Tennessee region to capture live game action for Nashville’s MyTV30 Thursday Night Lights program.  TNDV owner Nic Dugger and his staff will establish seven-camera HD shoots for most games, using Hitachi cameras and Abekas Mira multichannel servers for instant replay — presenting the excitement on the field to MyTV30 viewers.

Inside TNDV’s Inspiration mobile production truck, which will be the production space for Thursday Night Lights on MyTV30 Nashville this fall.

Dugger recently purchased and renovated Inspiration from Middle Tennessee State University, his alma mater.  He and much of his staff worked on the truck at the university, producing hundreds of sporting events.  Since purchasing the truck, Inspiration has been used on more than 30 live production projects spanning the broadcast and entertainment universe.

“At the end of the day we are telling a story about two teams coming together to battle it out on the field — and we need to tell that story effectively,” said Dugger.  “We’ll have the lenses to get up close and personal, the camera count to see the action from every angle, and the slow-motion replay systems to make sure viewers can clearly see how things went down on the field.  We’re looking to capture the experience of being there for those that aren’t there to see the action.”

TNDV won the contract due to its wealth of live HD production experience and its ability to affordably deliver a superior HD broadcast.  TNDV’s familiarity with the region — the company is headquartered in Nashville — also allows the company to inject local flavor into the broadcasts with knowledge.

Dugger and his team will natively uplink the live signals for direct transmission to MyTV30 — the UPN affiliate for Nashville — retaining all HD characteristics for the best possible on-air quality.  TNDV will utilize all equipment on Inspiration for the broadcasts, including Pinnacle Deko graphics, a Harris Platinum router with an integrated Harris HView SX Hybrid multiviewer, a Ross Vision production switcher and a Soundcraft Vi1 console for audio production.

“This is essentially WZTV’s vision, as they will communicate the look and feel they want to see on the air,” said Dugger.  “They are trusting TNDV with the entire production, from creative graphics composition to providing a strong signal to the uplink — as well as crewing the entire event.  The viewers ultimately win by seeing the best in regional game action — in HD — without ever seeing the same school two weeks in a row.”


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