TNDV Takes DSC Labs Color Calibration Charts on the Road

Mobile production company standardizes on ChromaDuMonde across all three TNDV trucks

TNDV has standardized on ChromaDuMonde color calibration charts from DSC Labs across its mobile production business — establishing consistency on board its three trucks for live multi-camera video shoots.

The ChromaDuMonde charts allow TNDV to check and adjust cameras on the fly and immediately notice the effect of hue changes on surrounding colors — while also providing precise information on how camera hue adjustments affect the full gamut of color reproduction.

TNDV calibrates its cameras using DSC Labs chip charts on the set of Noteworthy at the Opry

“Everyone on my staff agrees that the difference of having them or not is the difference between doing prosumer work versus pure broadcast television-quality work,” said Nic Dugger, president of TNDV.  “When we launched our biggest truck, Aspiration, last spring, it became clear that we needed a top-of-the-line ‘chip chart’ on each truck.  We now use them for every show.”

TNDV is currently using the charts to shoot Noteworthy at the Opry,” a new cable series that premiers Saturday, May 26 on GAC-TV. Dugger and his team are shooting the 16-episode season over a four-month period.  The charts are instrumental in matching color from shoot to shoot to maintain a consistent and professional on-air look.

“The truck will come and go and do many other events in between the Noteworthy tapings, and content we shoot in May versus content we shoot in July has to look like it was shot on the same night,” said Dugger.  “Using a full-color chip chart allows us to give both the network and our client, High Five Entertainment, the peace of mind that everything will not only look great but look the same.”

Guess who? An unnamed superstar preps at the podium as TNDV tweaks camera settings using DSC Labs chip charts.

Dugger added that the quality of construction that DSC Labs puts into the ChromaDuMonde charts set it aside from competitive charts he’s evaluated.  Set up is also quick, allowing his shaders to align cameras and have them ready to shoot using little more than a color-corrected spotlight.

“We don’t live in a studio – we are on the road constantly, and the DSC Labs product holds up well,” he said.  “The fact that I can use my chart to set focus, adjust gamma curves and align 3D rigs makes the charts a very powerful tool for TNDV.”

DSC Labs manufactures everything from pocket-sized white/warm cards and miniature reference colorbar/grayscales, to 54-inch charts suitable for matching cameras in stadiums, houses of worship and other large venues.

Dugger notes that the ChromaDuMonde charts are especially reliable for establishing correct color settings from event to event — noting that each show is completely different.

“When someone walks in front of our HD cameras, we wants to make sure that fleshtones pop, capturing pink skin, rosy cheeks and other characteristics of our subjects,” he concluded.


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