MobileCamViewer Surveillance Application from mobiDEOS Helps UK Customer Monitor Construction Business on the Move

Mobile surveillance application allows company to remotely monitor two sites housing expensive equipment for ongoing construction projects

Leading video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. continues to take its MobileCamViewer application into new market verticals — including its venture into the construction space.  London-based construction services company Millcroft Services is among many who see safety, efficiency and productivity in using MobileCamViewer to monitor activity and protect financial interests at its two business sites.

Millcroft managements uses MobileCamViewer to monitor the company’s two London-area locations while on a construction site, at home or away on business

Millcroft Services, in business for more than thirty years, is a recognized supplier of construction services in the greater London area — from turnkey projects to plant rental equipment.  Millcroft operates one site for construction rental equipment, and a second office and warehousing site dedicated to industrial and commercial projects.

MobileCamViewer enables general manager Melvyn Nichols to monitor both sites while at work on a construction site, at home or away on a business trip.  MobileCamViewer also allows Nichols to respond quickly to situations that affect safety, employees, and operations, viewing his cameras from an iPhone.

Nichols notes that the main benefit of using MobileCamViewer from his iPhone is that he can interact quickly with his general contractors and other staff when a safety or security issues arises.

“Millcroft Services required a surveillance system that was reasonably priced but offered comprehensive security, that was easy to use, and always available,” said Nichols.  “We needed to be proactive to potential threats and to anything that could pose potential problems to the safety of our workers. The mobiDEOS system does all that and more.”

MobileCamViewer allows Millcroft management to view security cameras from an iPhone and quickly respond to situations that affect safety, employees, and operations

Nichols downloaded MobileCamViewer directly from his iPhone through the Apple iOS App Store, and installed eight cameras in each building to monitor the reception area, entrances, and equipment stored inside the buildings and outside in the lots.  A total of 16 security cameras now cover the two sites — all configured to view over MobileCamViewer with ease.


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