TNDV to Shoot Midsouth Regional Emmys in HD

The Midsouth Regional Emmys on Saturday, March 17 will be presented live in HD for the first time in its 26-year history, using the mobile production services of TNDV — which itself has been nominated for several production awards this year.

TNDV will drive its 40-foot Aspiration mobile production truck to the shoot location in Nashville, and deploy a multi-camera HD system with a complete video and audio infrastructure solution for the live broadcast.  The event will be available nationally via PBS satellite distribution, broadcast locally in Nashville and parts of North Carolina, and streamed over the web by Ustream.

TNDV will bring its 40-foot expanding mobile production truck to the MidSouth Regional Emmys

Aspiration’s efficient truck layout, equipment flexibility and HD production quality make it the perfect match for the Midsouth Regional Emmys, which recognizes programming broadcast in most of North Carolina and Tennessee, and the Huntsville, Alabama region.  The TNDV crew will capture presentations and Emmy recipients in 72 categories for production, graphics, camera work, editing and many other technical and creative disciplines.

TNDV has provided mobile facilities for award shows such as the ASCAP Country Music Awards, SESAC Country Music Awards and the Americana Music Awards among many others.  TNDV President Nic Dugger notes that the Midsouth Regional Emmys poses a unique and challenging experience as the event is essentially a TV production honoring TV producers.

“Creating a project in a medium for a room full of its most outstanding is a huge challenge, but a very welcome opportunity,” said Dugger.  “We’ll also be working with local stations for satellite uplinks and other supporting services.  The overall crew comprises many of the best professionals from all aspects of Nashville TV production.”

TNDV, a four-time Emmy winner, is nominated for three Emmys this year:  two in the Technical Achievement category, and one in the Special Event Live category.  The Special Event Live nomination is for the gubernatorial debate produced in conjunction with local Nashville station WSMV-DT.

“The nominations are an enormous honor for the entire TNDV team,” said Dugger.  “But the ability to bring the show live to our television peers and friends with our own truck is already a reward in itself.”

Aspiration supports premium remote video production services for broadcast TV, worship events and corporate video projects; as well as concerts, ceremonies and other live events.  Its advanced SD/HD/3D production workflow features up to 12 cameras, a large integrated routing system, a large production switcher, and a comprehensive audio suite among other capabilities.


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