Pennsylvania Company Uses MobileCamViewer to Remotely Monitor Car and Pet Service Businesses

Leading video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. announces that River Valley LLC in western Pennsylvania has upgraded its business security solution with MobileCamViewer.  The mobile surveillance solution helps the business owners respond intelligently to situations and quickly address issues that affect customer revenue.

River Valley LLC comprises four quick-service/self-service businesses:  Cranberry 10 Minute Oil Change, Cranberry Car Wash, Cranberry Pet Wash and Erie 10 Minute Oil Change.  Most are open 24 hours and often unmanned, particularly at night.  The company is among the growing number of commercial businesses using mobile surveillance to monitor activities while at home or on the road.

Business owners Joe Lehosky and Dan Klapec connect the MobileCamViewer application to a variety of security cameras at all four locations, along with Dedicated Micros BX2 DVRs.  Typically they use the application to monitor general business activity, communicate with customers and respond to issues, although mobile surveillance now comprises part of a larger security solution with various burglar and fire alarms.

“MobileCamViewer lets me pull up my cameras or servers and see what is going on at our locations,” Klapec said.  “I am looking at live video of the facility within seconds of getting paged or called.”

Lehosky and Klapec use an HTC Incredible solution for the smartphone and network connection, noting that setup was simple and complete in well under 30 minutes.   They report that mobile surveillance has made better use of their time by enabling thoughtful reaction to events instead of frantically rushing to the site whenever paged — whether security-related or otherwise.

“We have only had one real security-related alarm since installing MobileCamViewer,” said Lehosky.  “It turned out that the alarm was triggered by high winds, but it was nice to see the facility remotely before getting there.  I felt more comfortable while approaching the site.”

Regardless of the alert, mobile surveillance helps determine whether a site visit is necessary.  A problem handled remotely saves approximately one hour of time spent driving to the site to address the issue.

“We save two to three trips per week now due to cashier-related problems,” said Klapec.  “The car wash can still run with credit cards, and if a customer leaves the car or pet wash too dirty we can clean them up to avoid lost revenue.  But MobileCamViewer almost immediately confirms if there is an emergency or otherwise.  If it’s not an emergency we can just go about our business.”

MobileCamViewer offers secure, reliable carrier-grade cell phone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions, providing “anytime, anywhere” mobile video surveillance for virtually every situation.  Its compatibility across many smartphones, tablets, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers — as well as simple integration with PC and MAC-based iOS systems — enables MobileCamViewer to comply with both new and existing network infrastructures.


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  1. Car Service says:

    I am looking at live video of the facility within seconds of getting paged,

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