mobiDEOS Takes Free Mobile Surveillance to the Windows Phone

mobiDEOS, the leader in mobile video surveillance and remote monitoring software, is mobilizing its WebView fixed surveillance platform for Windows Phone users.

Last summer, mobiDEOS introduced WebView, the first truly open web-based platform for fixed surveillance and remote monitoring, for professionals and consumers.  While customers typically use WebView to view cameras from remote locations (homes, hotels, airports) on their laptops or desktops, the program is functional over any standard web browser with a live internet connection.

WebView uses the same proven engine as the company’s popular MobileCamViewer mobile surveillance application to ensure reliable service and connectivity. WebView’s single “sign-on” process for multiple cameras, DVRs and NVRs keeps mobile users “logged in” for quick, convenient and ongoing access.

“Windows Phone customers can now essentially access their webcams, IP cameras and recording systems on the move using WebView with a simple, single sign-on process,” said Sri L. Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS, Inc.  “It offers the same ease of use as the MobileCamViewer application, providing users with a direct web connection to monitor businesses, homes and public facilities.”

WebView frees end users from the restraints of inflexible, proprietary systems, offering direct connections to Webcams, IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers from a single window.  Users can quickly respond to security events, gather business intelligence and remotely monitor general activity at any location, from any location.

Windows Phone users can launch mobile surveillance operations with WebView within minutes, following simple configuration steps to establish connections with cameras and recorders.  Setup time is further minimized with no software, plug-ins or active controls to install.  Logging in to the system is simple as accessing a GMail or Facebook account.

Access to an unlimited number of webcams, IP cameras, and one DVR or NVR is free with WebView. A nominal fee is required for access to multiple locations.  Contact mobiDEOSat 408-716-8347 or for more information.


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