mobiDEOS Playback Feature Gives MobileCamViewer Users Access to Past Events

Mobile surveillance is touted as giving business and property owners a glimpse into location-based activity from anywhere, but it’s not always a given that the user will witness an important event in a blink-and-miss-it world.

Video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. announces Playback, a new upgrade to its MobileCamViewer mobile surveillance application that gives customers access to video from the previous hour, day, week, month and beyond.  Access to past content is immediate upon connectivity with a Dedicated Micros DVR — business owners can confirm stores opened on time, parents can verify when the kids arrived home, and police can corroborate the exact time and location of a crime.

mobiDEOS Playback feature allows users to access specific times and events from multiple recorded camera feeds

The versatile feature, soon to be interoperable with other leading video recorders and servers, provides easy-to-use tools to search for past events and/or play clips recorded by multiple cameras.  Users simply enter a specific date and time in the Playback window to access recorded content and highlight the specific window on the touchpad.  MobileCamViewer customers receiving a notification of an event, such as motion detection, can easily recall the date and time to confirm if action is required.

“Playback moves MobileCamViewer beyond basic live streaming to give our customers additional peace of mind and a better return on investment,” said Sri Palasamudram, CEO of mobiDEOS, Inc. “The Playback feature provides users with immediate access to high-quality video of past events at their fingertips from anywhere, anytime — without reliance on a separate stream or service to transmit content.  The direct, bandwidth-efficient connection also ensures that your mobile device receives an even video stream as opposed to a choppy, undesirable signal.”

Playback is available immediately for MobileCamViewer customers using iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), with availability on Android phones and tablets within weeks.  The Playback feature is available in App Stores free of charge for Premium service customers, and is available to other users for a nominal price.  mobiDEOS is also developing a Playback application for WebView, its fixed surveillance platform.


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